Purchasing quality, well-seasoned firewood is the key to having cleaner and more efficient fireplace or wood stove fires.  Wet wood can lead to rapid creosote buildup, odor problems, smoking problems and potentially extremely dangerous chimney place fires.  All firewood has moisture content.  Freshly cut firewood contains up to 45% water while properly seasoned firewood typically contains about 20-25% water.  Seasoned wood is not only easier to start but it also burns cleaner and produces significantly more heat compared to wet firewood.

Here at Holiday Firewood, we understand that the key to proper seasoning is to make sure that water is long gone before its time for the wood to burn.  That’s why we cut our wood six months to a year beforehand, dry it out in the sun and store it properly.  If you purchase green wood and try to burn it, the heat that is produced during the combustion process is used to dry the wood before it actually starts to burn.   A huge chunk of the energy produced is lost in the process.  The resulting effect is reduced heat being delivered to the house and liters of acidic water being deposited in the chimney.

Determining the best firewood typically depends on your personal preferences and particular needs.  We stock a variety of firewood that can achieve different results.  So whether you want a fire that crackles and pops, has a pleasant aroma, or simply burns more efficiently and cleanly, we’ve got you covered.
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